RFX2401 Product Brief

The RFX2401 is a fully integrated, single-chip, single-die RFeIC (RF Front-end Integrated Circuit) which incorporates all the RF functionality needed for today's wireless ZigBee communications. The RFX2401 architecture integrates the PA, LNA, Transmit and Receive switching circuitry, the associated matching network, and the harmonic filter all in a BiCMOS single-chip device. This RFeIC is designed for use in 2.4GHz ISM band and supports the 802.15.4 and ZigBee 2007 standard. Typical high power applications include home and industrial automation, smart power, and RF4C among others. Combining superior performance, high sensitivity and efficiency, low noise, small form factor, and low cost, RFX2401 is the perfect solution for applications requiring extended range and bandwidth. RFX2401 has simple and low-voltage CMOS control logic, and requires minimal external components for system implementation. The PA power detect circuit is also integrated.


  • ZigBee Extended Range Devices
  • ZigBee Smart Power
  • Mobile and Battery ZigBee Systems
  • Home and Industrial Automation
  • RF4CE Remote Control
  • Custom 2.4GHz Radio Systems